The company is founded – Afrovation is a play on words, a mashup and a combination of AFRICA + INNOVATION = AFROVATION



Complete testing and establishment of business with strategic technology and services partnerships in with a focus on cloud-based collaboration services.


South Africa’s largest Cloud Services Customer Migration to the complete Cloud services for enterprise email services. Record time migration and infrastructure consolidation for the size client.


Introduction of Afrovation Innovation Incubation Program that sees to create new services in the industry and or company itself. Most of these organisations created are tried and tested for customer adoption… Fail Quickly = Learning.


Additional Services introduced in the infrastructure as a service arena as a result of the Innovation Incubation Programme outcomes. New 1 day think-tank model developed to create solutions and or businesses within a day! Think.Do.


Media, Telecommunications and Infrastructure business research for South Africa is commissioned and reveals additional services innovations for the sector


Creation of balanced benefits programme results in services that benefit both private sector clients and public service organisations. In this case, MNO’s and Municipalities where their infrastructure is hosted. Afrovation expands services to Mobile Networks and Telecommunications Industries. Afrovation Telecoms is born.


Dedicated Mobile Network Operator services are developed and extended beyond the current limits in scope. Value Adding services are created, and delivered to some of South Africa’s Mobile networks. Another innovation with a major twist that benefits the industry and government. Shared Vision, Delivered.


Afrovation services are expanded further to the infrastructure services industry with introduction of Advanced Public Participation Programme that sees to help multiple stakeholders reach a central goal that benefits all in multiple ways. Continued growth in infrastructure as a service industry.


Innovation Incubation Program grows substantially with focused integration into current and existing business, specific advances in Public Participation focus, Telecommunications Infrastructure Deployment and Advanced Largescale Connectivity


Afrovation increases its partnerships in the enterprise email and collaboration business unit, but also adds a focus on regional business support, within the SADC region and beyond.


Enterprise customer focus for collaboration services with larger cloud collaboration partnerships, integration and operations strategy…